H2 Value Chain Conference 2022 - Presentations

The main event for the Norwegian hydrogen industry, bringing together the entire hydrogen value chain.

Conference presentation slides for download

Introduction, Bjørn Ottar Elseth, Cluster Director, H2Cluster

Presentation of the first value creation analysis report about the Norwegian hydrogen industry from Menon Economics
Even Winje, Partner, Menon Economics

Verdien av den norske hydrogennæringen

Rapporten "Verdien av den norske hydrogennæringen" kan du laste ned her

Mapping of the Norwegian Hydrogen actors and introduction to business opportunities,
Bjørn Ottar Elseth

Hydrogen demand in a changing worldMats Rinaldo, Researcher and Deputy Director - Energy Transition Outlook, DNV

Hydrogen in Statkraft
Ulf Eriksen, Vice President, Hydrogen Statkraft

Norway’s opportunities to deliver low carbon hydrogen to EuropeUlrik Olbjørn, Project Manager Low Carbon Solutions, Equinor ASA

The importance of clean ammonia in the hydrogen value chainEystein Leren, Director Industry & Market Leads, Yara International

Perspectives on hydrogen in Northern Norway
Øystein Løken Mørch, Director Execution Excellence/ Asset Development, Aker Horizons

Giving Norwegian industries a green competitive edgePer Christian Eriksen, CEO, Hydro Havrand 

Unlocking an efficient hydrogen value chain
Jan Erik Ødegård, Business Development Manager, Everfuel

Decarbonizing hard to abate industries, starting with steel, Christoffer Routledge, Project Manager BU Hydrogen, H2 Green Steel - TBC

Nel Hydrogen – Game-changer across applications and markets, 
Thorsten Herbert, Director Market Development and Public Affairs, Nel - TBC

Hydrogen Safety and Risk Management
Yngve Rothschild, Director of Sales and Business Development, Vysus Group

TECO 2030 fuel cells for maritime and heavy-dutyFredrik Aarskog, Business Development Manager - Hydrogen Technology, TECO 2030

HydePoint – An unmanned, floating hydrogen-producing substation
Gaute Bakli, VP - Business Concepts, Kongsberg Maritime

Latest legal hydrogen developments in Europe including the financing to roll – out these important projects
Birgitte Jourdan-Andersen, Partner, Schjødt

    Effect of flexible operation of electrolysers on H2 production cost
    Robert Seguin, Manager Thema Consulting Group

    Pitch session:

    Hystar, Magnus Thomassen, Chief Product Officer - TBC

    Hyrex, Henrik Torgersen, CEO

    Digitread Connect, Philipp Schwethelm, Sales & Business Development Manager - TBC

    Conference closing remarks, Bjørn Ottar Elseth, Cluster Director H2Cluster

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