Join us in welcoming our first French partner - Absolut Hydrogen

Jérôme Lacapere

Welcome to our first French partner - Absolut Hydrogen

We are very proud and happy to greet Absolut Hydrogen into the Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster, and by that welcoming the French hydrogen ecosystem into our innovation cluster.

We had a short chat with Jérôme Lacapere, Managing director in Absolut Hydrogen, to get to know him and Absolut Hydrogen and talk about how they see the Norwegian Hydrogen economy.

In short - what does Absolut Hydrogen do?

Absolut Hydrogen provides a complete ecosystem to use Liquid Hydrogen as fuel, from H2 liquefaction (decentralized liquefaction to give value to local green energy) from tens of kilos per day up to some tons per day, to liquid hydrogen delivery on board, including liquid hydrogen storage.

What are your goals for the next year?

For next year, our goal is to provide our first liquefiers to some Norwegian projects already in place in one hand and to prepare liquid hydrogen supply with larger quantities (> 1 T/day) for 2025.

As a French entity, how do you perceive the Norwegian Hydrogen market?

Norwegian Hydrogen market seems to be more mature than the rest of Europe. In addition, green local energy is available close to potential use of hydrogen for mobility. This ecosystem corresponds very well to the positioning of Absolut Hydrogen with local hydrogen liquefaction.

What are your motivation and wishes for cooperation with the Norwegian Hydrogen Cluster?

We want to integrate Norwegian projects to solve liquid hydrogen supply problematic in Norway.

Get to know Absolut Hydrogen in the upcoming H2 Market Meetup on Thursday the 7th of September. More information on the webinar here.

«Norwegian Hydrogen market seems to be more mature than the rest of Europe.»

Jérôme Lacapere, Managing director Absolut Hydrogen